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Blood cholesterol test Prank


Its An awesome prank! Fingerprint Blood Cholesterol Prank will provide you the most easiest way of checking out your blood cholesterol level. Fingerprint Blood Cholesterol Prank will calculates your blood cholesterol level.This app is just prank scanner to calculate your blood cholesterol level.if you are a prankster you would definitely love this application,it is the best application for fooling your friends, Finger Blood Cholesterol Prank is designed in such a way that one who is not aware of android can never get whether it is a prank application or real.Blood Cholesterol Scanner is also called lipid which is required by you body to work properly. There are Good and Bad Cholesterol. Too much Bad Cholesterol can lead to heart disease, stroke, obesity, and other health problems. Its very important to keep Cholesterol under normal level.Finger Blood Cholesterol Prank test measures the amount of fat called glucose in a sample of your blood.Cholesterol can be divided into - Total Cholesterol- HDL ( High density lipoprotein ) - Good Cholesterol - LDL ( Low density lipoprotein ) - Bad CholesterolHOW TO USE:Step 1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Fill your details like age, weight and height.Step 3: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for the analysis.Step 4: You can share the result with friends also.App Features:HD and realistic blood cholesterol spectrophotometer model graphic.Stunning fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation.Simulate blood cholesterol level monitor.Disclaimer:Blood Cholesterol Scanner Prank is for entertainment purposes only. It does not calculate your blood cholesterol level. The displayed results are random numbers. It is the best application for fooling your friends,only for prank lover and prankster.